Class Organizations Have Taken Over Boston Endowment Campaign

A new policy for conducting the Endowment Fund Campaign in Greater Boston has just been adopted by the committee in charge. Instead of soliciting subscriptions according to occupations, henceforth the burden of completing the city's quota of $6,000,000 will fall upon the class organization of the district.

In announcing the change in the solicitation system Chairman T. Nelson Perkins '91 said:

"We want every man in the district to want to subscribe in proportion to his financial ability, and we want the interest of every Harvard man in the campaign to be real interest.

"We have been less successful than we had anticipated, not only in the number of subscriptions, but in the amount of those received.

"We have now reorganized the campaign in Boston on class lines. Committees of the several classes have undertaken to see that the situation is put squarely before the members of their College organizations resident in the district, in an attempt to get every man to give something, and to get those who have already given to give more."