Debaters Meet Green in January

For the first time in its history the University Debating team will meet a college other than Yale or Princeton when it argues against Dartmouth on January 16.

The announcement previously made that the two teams would meet on December 5 has had to be changed, due to the unexpected resignation of the Dartmouth coach. As now arranged, one team representing the University will make the trip to Hanover while one Green team will match wits with the Crimson debaters in Cambridge. The question as tentatively framed reads: "Resolved, That the U. S. should adopt the Plumb plan for the operation of the railroads, the constitutionality granted."

Dartmouth is expected to put up a stiff defense on either side of the question, as five of her former speakers are back. Only three experienced debaters remain in the University, and, as two of them are in the Graduate Schools, but one is expected to report.