All Members of University with Exception of Freshmen Are Eligible.

Every man in the University except members of the Freshman class who has not won his letter in wrestling is urged to enter the University Novice Tournament which commences on Monday. Entries must be made before 1.30 P. M. tomorrow in the blue-books provided at Leavitt and Peirce's and in the front office of the Hemenway Gymnasium. Further information may be obtained from any of the managers in the wrestling room of the Hemenway Gymnasium today between 2 and 6 o'clock.

Many men in the University who have been unable to make the team in past years are expected to compete for the silver medals which are awarded to the winner of the final bout in each class.

The A. A. U. rules for catch-as-catch-can wrestling, will govern the bouts, so that a fall will terminate each bout. The time has been limited to five minutes for the preliminary bouts and ten minutes for the finals, unless terminated sooner by a fall. There will be seven classes in which the men will wrestle, from 115 pounds to the heavy-weight of over 180 pounds. Entrants will weight in on the day of their match and must be within the six-pound allowance for over weight.

As the entire tournament is scheduled to be run off on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, it is hoped that all entrants will see Coach Anderson in the Hemenway Gymnasium before Monday in order to secure some practice before the tournament.