Des Moines Delegates Meet Tonight

This evening at 7 o'clock the University delegates to the Des Moines Convention will meet in Phillips Brooks House to receive their final instructions concerning the trip. At that time all the delegates will be given their credentials, which they must present to the ticket agent before purchasing their tickets.

A special rate of one and one-third fare for the round trip has been granted by the Railroad Administration for use by those starting between December 27 and 31. This rate has no stopover privileges and is good only to and from Des Moines directly. The majority of delegates from Cambridge will leave on a special train from Boston December 29, which arrives in Des Moines on the morning of December 31.

It is particularly urged that all men who are planning to attend the conference be present, inasmuch as this will probably be the last opportunity to get all of the delegates together for a discussion of plans. It is not expected that the meeting will last more than fifteen minutes.