For the student who does something better than the great majority, though it be from inherent ability, power of application, or a co-ordination of the two, there is always honor waiting. To the athlete the "H" is the highest gift within the power of the University; to the scholar it is the Phi Beta Kappa key. The values of the two are not comparable for they represent the final success in very different lines of achievement.

The men who have just won their keys have been playing a game measured not in minutes but in months and years. When the rest of us departed blithely for Boston theatres they set out resolutely for Widener, there to make themselves still more invulnerable against the inevitable examinations. No cheering crowds of the athletic field have urged them onward, just the pleasure of acquiring knowledge has been their incentive through the long period of rigorous application. Accumulative success has brought them the final honor, an honor to themselves and to the University whose opportunities have served them so well.