Juniors Must Fill Out and Return Applications by 8 P. M.

Tomorrow is the last day on which the Junior Dance blanks may be turned in. They must be in the hands of T. H. Gammack '20, at 60 Mt. Auburn street or at the CRIMSON Building by 8 o'clock in the evening. The attendance is estimated from the blanks, and accordingly the entire arrangements of the dance depend on the punctuality with which they are returned.

The committee wishes it understood that men from other classes are not invited, with the exception of the 1919 and 1921 class officers, and the 1919 Dance Committee. Last year only as a war measure, the 1919 Committee allowed members of the Class to request the invitation of other men.

Those who have at any time been enrolled with the class, or who are now Unclassified but will graduate with the Class of 1920, are eligible to attend. Blanks may be secured at the CRIMSON Building or at 60 Mt. Auburn street.