Revised Schedule Announced Recently by Athletic Committee.

Coach Duffy put both the University and 1922 baseball squads through stiff work-outs in batting practice and base-running yesterday. Though not as large as in former years, the Freshman squad is shaping up well.

The revised schedule for the 1922 team, which was ratified at Tuesday's meeting of the Athletic Committee, contains twelve games, five of them away from Cambridge. It is as follows:

Apr. 23.--Watertown High, at Soldiers Field.

Apr. 26.--St. Mark's at Southboro.

May 1.--Cambridge Latin School, at Cambridge.

May 3.--Groton, at Groton.

May 7.--Dean, at Cambridge.

May 10.--Andover, at Cambridge.

May 14.--M. I. T. 1922, at Cambridge.

May 17.--Exeter, at Exeter.

May 21.--Holy Cross 1922, at Cambridge.

May 24.--Princeton, at Princeton.

May 28.--Milton, at Milton.

May 31.--Yale, at Cambridge.