At a dinner held by all members of the University hockey team who won their "H's" this year Norman Stewart Walker, Jr., '20, of Castelton Corners, L. I., N. Y., was elected captain of next years University team. Walker prepared at St. Paul's School, where he played on the school hockey team in his last year. He captained the 1920 Freshman seven and played defense on last year's informal team. He held the position of coverpoint on the University team this year and played in every game of the season.

1922 Game Cancelled by Tigers.

At a late hour last night the following telegram was received from the Princeton hockey management: "Athletic Association disapproves Freshman game, impossible to play. Very sorry."

Although no further information has been obtained, this alteration of Princeton's plans will presumably result in a close of the 1922 hockey season without a big game as Yale has also declared it impossible to stage a yearling contest.

The Freshman squad was to have left for New York this afternoon and the game was scheduled for tomorrow evening in the Brooklyn Ice Palace.