Applications from the members of 1920 and other men graduating next year for rooms in the Senior dormitories must be field not later than the night of March 14. A member of the Senior Dormitory Committee, beginning Monday, will be in Randolph 54 every afternoon except Saturday and Sunday from 4 to 6 o'clock to give information and furnish applicants with blanks and plans of the halls giving the location, rental fee, and description of the various rooms.

Five Dormitories Open to 1920.

Rooms will be available in the five Senior dormitories, Hollis, Holworthy, Matthews, Stoughton, and Thayer. In case these buildings are filled, Weld Hall will be used as a Senior Dormitory. Applicants are advised to form in groups of twelve and preference in distributing the rooms will be given to the larger groups of men who apply rather than the smaller ones.

The college authorities are extremely desirous that the custom of Seniors living as a unit in the five Yard buildings be continued. Because of the peculiar conditions this year, there are few members of the Senior Class in any of the buildings, but in the class of 1918 there were 347 applications for rooms in the Senior Dormitories.