Regent Chooses Eight Men to Supervise Freshman Dormitory Life.

The Regent, Mr. M. Luce '91 has appointed the Common Room Committees for the Freshman Dormitories. The Standish Committee is composed of the following men: Howard Elliott, Jr., chairman, of Boston; Mitchell Gratwick, of Buffalo, N. Y.; R. N. Greenwood, of Boston, and Henry Francis Colt, of Geneseo, N. Y. The Committee of Gore consists of the following: John G. Swift, of Boston, chairman; John Crocker, of Fitchburg; Geoffrey Story Smith, of Philadelphia, Pa; and James Wesson Freeman, of Boston.

The purpose of these committees is to supervise the student life in the Freshman Dormitories and to act as intermediary between the class and the College. Any complaints or suggestions regarding the dormitories or dining halls should be made to the Common Room Committee. One of their duties is to see that the Common Rooms are supplied with representative papers and magazines.