Both the Signal Corps and the Motor Transport Corps have applied for permission to establish R. O. T. C. units at the University. This was announced yesterday by Colonel Goetz, who added that it was improbable that any other that an artillery unit will be a established here. In addition the War Department has announced its intention of establishing aeronautic units of the R. O. T. C. at all colleges and universities which apply for one. The college instruction, which will be a three-year course, is to be only in ground work, the technical side of aviation, which would probably be taught at the Engineering School of the University. Practical experience in flying will be given at camps during the summer.

These aviation classes will begin this coming fall with instructors and equipment provided by the government. Only Sophomores are to be allowed to enter.

The War Department's plan permits the students to take the courses which have hitherto been included in the curriculum of the ground aviation schools maintained at some of the universities.

All actual flying will be done during the summer at R. O. T. C. camps, and it is expected that after three vacations spent in this training, students will be fully equipped as qualified military aviators.

It is not planned to permit Freshmen to enter these classes. Three years time is sufficient for the course, and it will be to the advantage of all concerned if the student has a year in college to give the faculty in the department some way to judge on his fitness as a candidate for aviation.