Lieut. Ralph Guy White, L. '16.

Lieutenant Ralph Guy White, L. '16 died July 21, 1918, at Field Hospital No. 1, of wounds received on the Soissons Front. He entered the service April 13, 1917, and received his commission seven days later. Lieut, White sailed with the 26th Division in September, 1917, and went into action near Soissions in February, 1918. In March he was ordered away from the front, but returned again in July. He was Mortally wounded July 19 by machine gun fire.

Lieut, Louis Swartz '07.

First Lieutenant Louis Swartz '07, Medical Corps, died of pneumonia, Dec. 24, 1918, at Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga.

Walton Kimball Smith L. '15.

Walton Kimball Smith, Law '15, a flight cadet in the Royal Air Force, was killed July--6, 1918, in an aeroplane accident at New Romney, England. After having failed to enter the United States Air Service because of Slight physical defects, he went to France to join the Field Service. On his arrival, however, finding, that he could join the British aviation service, he enlisted in that organization in December, 1918. He trained at No. 1 Observer's School of Aerial Gunnery. He would have received his commission the week following his death.

Pvt. William Fenimore Merrill '13.

William Fenimore Merrill '13, private, 10th Coast Artillery, died of pneumonia February 2, at Coblenz.