In order to fill the five vacancies in the Board of Overseers of Harvard College which will be caused by the expiration, in June of the terms of Professor George Herbert Palmer '64, Dr. Frederick Cheever Shattuck '68, Frederick Perry Fish '75. William Roscoe Thayer '81, and Langdon Parker Marvin '98, the nominating committee of the Alumni Association has announced the following nineteen names of candidates for election to the Board:

Dr. Enoch Freeman Bradford '69, William Mitchell Kendall '76, Henry Osborn Taylor '78, Owen Wister '82, Henry Bromfield Cabot '83, John Downer Pennock '83, Robert Patterson Perkins '84, Lawrence Eugene Sexton '84, Egerton Leigh Winthrop '85, Herbert Lincoln Clark '87, Julian William Mack '87, Franklin Remington '87, Henry Pennypacker '86, James Madison Morton '91, Thomas William Lamont '92, Ellery Sedgwick '94, Howard Coonley '99, Grenville Clark '03, Benjamin Joy '05.

Post 10 Nominees at Commencement.

Five graduates will be elected to the Board this spring. The names of those ten nominees who receive the largest number of votes on this preliminary election will appear on the official ballots issued at Commencement, when the final vote for the five new members of the Board will be taken. Preliminary voting is now being carried on by the alumni of the University through a postal ballot system.