Bolton and Jewett Load in University Trials--Darling Heads 1922.

Although handicapped by an unusually late start, the University rifle team is looking forward to a very successful season. The practice match with the Freshman team held last week showed the presence of the nucleus for a strong team. S. K. Bolton '21, Captain, who was also captain of the 1921 team last year, shot brilliantly, scoring 199 out of a possible 200, at 75 yards. G. F. Jewett '20 a member of last year's University team was second with 193. These two men backed up by A. Rotch '21, and G. G. Monks '21 should, make an excellent showing in the match with Dartmouth on April 16th and 17th. S. Wheatland '21 a member of last year's Freshman team and a promising candidate for the University team will be unable to compete the remainder of the year.

Manager T.L.Holcombe'20 has announced that arrangements for matches with Annapolis and M. I. T. are pending, and it is expected that these two strong teams will be added to the University schedule.

The 1922 team, led by W. D. Darling is strong although most of the men are inexperienced. In the match with the University team, Darling ranked third with a score of 189, being closely pushed by R. E. Wheeler, with a score of 185. The team expects to shoot against Brookline High School, Newton High School and possibly M. I. T. At the end of the season the naval range at Wakefield.