Warner Lectures on Czecho-Slovaks

Langdon Warner '03 will lecture at 8.15 Friday evening, in Jordan Hall, on the subject: "The Czecho-Slovak Progress Across Siberia." He was sent by the government to investigate conditions in Siberia at first-hand, and for eight months, beginning in the fall of 1917, he studied conditions along the Trans-Siberian Railway from Vladivostock to Simau in European Russia; meeting in this way, Bolsheviki, representatives of the Siberian Government, and officers of the Czecho-Slovak Army.

Mr. Warner has long been recognized as an archaeologist and Oriental student. In 1904 he went to Transcaspia as a member of the Pompelly-Carnegie Expedition. From that time on, he has traveled in the East as assistant curator of Oriental Art in the Boston Art Museum, field director of the Cleveland Museum, and director of the Pennsylvania Museum in Philadelphia. He is a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society.