First Number of Conservative Political Journal to Appear This month.

Three University graduates are connected with "The Review," the new conservative weekly journal of political and general discussion which will be published in New York early this month. Harold de W. Fuller '98, A. M. '00, Ph.D., '07 formerly editor of the Nation, will be one of the editors. Mr. Fuller was a travelling fellow of the University and spend six years as a member of the English Department here before being engaged in editorial work in New York. Rodman Gilder '99 is business manager, and Donald Moffat '16 an editor of the new publication.

In their preliminary announcement, the editors said "The Review will be a journal of wide range, and will include, in particular, adequate discussion of great international questions. It will be animated by a spirit of progress, will welcome and promote needed projects of social improvement, but will insist upon the maintenance of those things which must be preserved if the nation is to remain a people of self-reliant freemen. The publication of "The Review' has been actuated by a recognition of the urgent need at this time of a journal of serious discussion which should resist the unthinking drift towards radical innovation."