Moore Believes Conditions at University Insure Distribution.

"Under conditions as they exist at the University it does not seem to me that there is any need here for such a measure as has recently been inaugurated at New Haven for limiting the number of college activities in which one man may take part," said F. W. Moore, Graduate Treasurer of the H. A. A., in interview yesterday.

"As far as athletics are concerned we are amply protected. In the first place, in Article 2, Rule 8, of the Athletic Committee's Regulation of Athletic Sports, it is stated clearly that "Without the permission of the Committee no student shall represent the University in more than two of the three periods of sport in any one year.' Exceptions are at times made, but they are very rare, and the man's academic standing, physical fitness, and his family's wishes are carefully considered by the Athletic Committee.

"The choosing of captains, managers, and assistant managers, is also under supervision and direction. The system of appointing managers here is one of succession and progress and before a man is chosen manager he has shown his ability as assistant and second assistant manager and these positions involve so much attention and work that it is practically impossible for one man to be a manager of two major sports.

"I think any strict ruling would be detrimental because sometimes through accident or injury, a captain of one team may be called upon to fill the vacancy of the injured captain in another sport. I think the undergraduates who really pate in more than two or three sports. I think the undergraduates who really control the original selection of men at the head of undergraduate activities can be relied upon to distribute the positions in a way to accomplish the best results."