Finals in All Courses Listed for Today and Tomorrow.

The following final examinations in courses conducted by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences will be given today and tomorrow: Today. 9.15 A. M. English 4,  Emerson A Geography 7,  Univ. Mus. 42 German A Dr. Pettingill's sects.,  Emerson D Dr. Schoenemann's sects.,  Emerson D Prof. Bierwirth's sects.,  Emerson J Prof. Howard's sect.,  Emerson J Dr. Lieder's sect.,  Emerson J History 44,  Emerson D Indic Philology 3,  Widener A Latin E,  Emerson D Mathematics 10b,  Emerson D Philosophy 22,  Emerson A Spanish 9 hf.,  Emerson A 12.30 P. M. French A: Dr. Herrick's sections, 3 and 4a,  Harvard 2 Mr. Weston's sections, 2 and 5a,  Harvard 5 Dr. Hawkins' section, 6b,  Harvard 6 Mr. Pousland's section, 2,  Harvard 6 2 P. M. French 16.  Emerson F Greek 3 hf.,  Emerson F Greek 7 hf.,  Emerson F Meteorology 6. Blue Hill  Observatory Semitic 8,  Emerson F Semitic 18,  Emerson F Spanish 3,  Emerson F

Tomorrow.9.15 A. M.Astronomy 4,  Astron. Lab.Botany 9,  Harvard 5Chemistry 11,  Harvard 2Economics 13,  Harvard 2Engin. Sciences 4a,  Zool. Lect.-rm.Engin. Sciences 6a,  Peabody 55English 19,  Harvard 2Fine Arts 2g,  Robinson HallFine Arts 8a,  Fogg Lect.-rm.Fine Arts 10b,  Robinson HallFrench 2 v,  Harvard 6French 3,  Emerson DFrench 14,  Harvard 6German H I,  Robinson HallGovernment 19,  Robinson HallItalian 5,  Robinson HallPalaeontology 2,  Zool. Lect.-rm.Slavic 5,  Harvard 52 P. M.Chemistry 18,  Emerson DChemistry 22,  Emerson DClassical Philology 45,  Emerson DEconomics 3,  Emerson AEngin. Sciences 3 I,  Peabody 55Engin. Sciences 3b,  Robinson HallGovernment 15,  Emerson AHistory 37,  Harvard 2Music 1,  Emerson