Elements of Safety.

At a time when so much discredit has fallen upon our city--when the trusted guardians of law and order have turned deserters, and their act had abandoned for a moment our streets to the mercies of a mob of thieves--it is cheering to note that the spirit of American citizenship is by no means dead, and that the saving grace of loyalty is found in many quarters. We have had in the last twenty-four hours a demonstration of notable public spirit, for example, in the action of the President, the Faculty and the students of Harvard University, who have come forward instantly to offer their services toward the preservation of peace and the defence of public order in the city of Boston. President Lowell's call to Harvard men to maintain the University's traditions of public service and put themselves at the disposition of the governor for such duty as he chose to assign to them was prompt and earnest and it has been earnestly and promptly answered. The same spirit which led thousands of Harvard men to spring to the support of their country in the Civil War and the Great War has animated their answer to the call of public duty today. It is in truth one and the same duty, and the honor of the service is at bottom as great. Boston and Massachusetts owe much to the patriotism and public spirit of Harvard today. Boston Transcript.