125 Delegates Attend Convention Here on September 9 and 10.

The University chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was the host at the thirteenth national council of the fraternity held in Cambridge September 9 and 10 and attended by 125 delegates from the various branches of the honorary scholarship society in American colleges.

The visitors were welcomed by a reception committee headed by President A. Lawrence Lowell and consisting of W. R. Thayer '81, president of the local chapter; W. C. Lane '81, Professor W. G. Howard '91, and Assistant Dean K. B. Murdock '16. The opening business sessions of the council were held in the Union and at the Agassiz House, Radcliffe. Following these the annual dinner was celebrated at the Colonial Club, after which the company adjourned to the Widener Library where interesting books and manuscripts connected with the history of the Phi Beta Kappa.

The second day of the conference was occupied with the transaction of business and a visit to Wellesley. President Birge of the University of Wisconsin and Professor Shepardson of Chicago were elected president and vice-president respectively of the council. The following colleges were granted chapters: Trinity College, Durham, N. C.; Hunter College, New York City; University of Oklahoma; and Whitman College, Oregon.