The large members besieging the Army food stores in Boston is a proof of the dire straights to which people have been forced by the present high cost of living. For although all of us remember our daily mess in the service with great relish no doubt, nevertheless we would hardly stand in line all day for Army "grub" unless compelled to do so by dire necessity.

The truth of the matter is that a great portion of our population is in actual want of food. These Army stores, placed, in every city, are temporarily relieving a fraction of the poverty-stricken. But huge as these reservoirs seem to be, the supplies cannot last forever. More manufactured articles are needed. A year ago the slogan was "more conservation"; today it should be "more production."

The man who strikes at the present time should have no more consideration from the public than the one who wasted food during the war. The latter stole good health from the men at the front; the former is stealing physical welfare from all the people at home.