Affirmative Meets Bates, and Negative Colgate, This Week

Based largely upon the decisions of Dr. E. E. Lincoln, Ph.D., '17, and Dr. R. S. Tucker '11, both of the Economics Department, who acted as judges in the trial debate conducted recently, the definite make-up of the University debating teams to face Bates and Colgate this week has been announced. The question agreed upon for the debate is: "Resolved: That the government should own and operate the coal mines of the United States." The constitutionality of such a step is officially waived and will, therefore, not enter the discussion of the subject. The teams will start intensive work for this debate, which is a postponement of the annual Fall Triangular Debate, today in order to be in good command of the subject by the end of the week.

The affirmative team is composed as follows: 1, S. A. Rosenblatt '22; 2, H. J. Friendly '23; 3, C. W. Phelps '22, who is in charge of the team; and, alternate, P. R. Harmel '23. It will meet the Bates College team at Lewiston, Maine, next Saturday.

At, the same time, in Hamilton, New York, the negative team will debate with the strong Colgate College aggregation. On this team are: 1, Harry Starr '21; 2, H. W. Hardy '22; 3, R. S. Fanning unC., at present leading the team, and, alternate, E. D. Hutchinson '22, of Lowell.