Meet Tufts Tomorrow--Play Amherst and Williams Friday and Saturday on Trip

Coach Wachter of the basketball team had his men concentrate their efforts yesterday afternoon in practicing shooting from within the fifteen-foot mark. The outstanding weakness in last Saturday's defeat by Wesleyan was the team's inaccurate short-distance shots. Wesleyan, on the other hand, was unusually strong in caging shots from the middle of the floor. Coach Wachter, however, was well pleased with the showing his men made, in spite of the defeat. They fought hard without a let-up.

The schedule for this week calls for three games, Tufts on Wednesday, and Amherst and Williams on Friday and Saturday at their home courts. This necessitates a two days' trip through the western part of the State. In preparation for the latter two games, which will be played in smaller cages than Hemenway, some practice was done yesterday to strengthen the defense. Two forwards sent down on one back helped the forwards to learn how to avoid the back also. Practice ended with a ten minutes' scrimmage.