A second communication is printed in these columns today which urges the beautifying of the power house in particular and Cambridge in general by the erection of a gigantic "H" on the power house chimneys. It is incredible that anyone should think that the spirit of Harvard can be expressed by the mere raising of a cross-bar between two useful but ungainly monuments of brick. Yet, incredible as the idea is, it seems to have caught the fancy of at least two individuals.

The proposition smacks too much of small-town chamber of commerce advertising to make it even conceivable as a method of creating harmony from the discord caused by the present stacks. To see a great red "H" towering over the landscape from all points of view would scarcely give the casual observer an impression of Harvard dignity and learned calm. It were better to have Harvard study by candle-light huddled over a wood first than to have it so colossally misrepresented by the attempt to cover up the source of its heat and light.

The ingenious scheme does not even merit serious consideration, and, unless the University falls into far more evil days than the present, it is to be hoped that such a method of self-advertisement will not be given more than passing notice.