The result of the University basketball team's trip to Amherst and Williams conclusively proves that the revival of that sport after a lapse of eleven years, is successful.

Starting from the bottom, with no established coaching system, no tradition, and by no means good practice facilities, the team has shown the remarkably quick development of an aggregation of individual excellence into a fighting machine of power and precision. The credit for this development rightly belongs to Coach Wachter, who is living up to the reputation of supremacy in basketball coaching which he brought to Cambridge last fall. His team has made the auspicious beginning of five decisive victories and two defeats, neither of which were inglorious.

But this record is only a beginning. It is too early in the season to crow over victories. The team has some stiff obstacles in the path of a victorious season. If they cannot be surmounted, basketball may go the way of many minor sports, and sink into insignificance. If, however, the team can continue to make good, the future of the sport will indeed be bright. The result should be a larger squad, more enthusiastic support, better facilities, and a broadening of interest in Harvard through Western and Southern trips.