Games Will be Played Whenever Possible During Mid-Years--Attendance Not Compulsory

Plans for interdormitory hockey have been somewhat modified because of the mid-years, according to an announcement made by Coach P. E. Wilson '23. Athletics for Freshmen is not compulsory during mid-years, so no definite schedule for this period can be arranged. Whenever a sufficient number of men from two halls desire to play, however, a game will be arranged. It is hoped that as many games as possible of this sort will be played, in order that the schedule of nine games will be completed before the ice is gone.

Each hall will play, if possible, a schedule of six games. In order to claim the championship it must win at least four of these games, while to win five would cinch it. The interest in the series so far has been very keen. So far Standish has won all the games, defeating Gore last Wednesday in a fast game by the score of 3-2, the winning goal being made in an overtime period, and taking Smith into camp Thursday by the close score of 2-1.

This week two games will be played, weather permitting. Today Smith will play Gore, and on Wednesday Standish will play Gore. Only men whose teams are playing are required to attend, practice for the others being voluntary.