Purple Team Takes Every First Place--Brackett Does Best Work for the University

The University swimming team was defeated 42 to 11 by Amherst Saturday night in the second regular meet. The best the University team did was to capture two second places, tie for a second in the 50-yard dash, and win three thirds. The dive was the only event closely contested and in this the University captured second and third. None of the events were marked by particularly fast time.


Relay--Won by Amherst (Myers, Spears, Barker, Damon); Harvard (Gross, Wyman, Rittenburg, Douglas). Time--1m. 52 3-5s.

Plunge--Won by Davis, Amherst; Harvard, Distance--58ft. second, Henry, Amherst; third, Ruben,

Fifty-Yard Dash--Won by Damon, Amherst; second, tie between Barker, Amherst, and Brackett, Harvard. Time--24 4-5s.

Two Hundred and Twenty-Yard--Won by Whitcomb, Amherst; second, Reid, Amherst; third, Douglas, Harvard. Time--2m. 47s.

Dive--Won by Ewer, Amherst; second, Doherty, Harvard; third, Boyden, Harvard.

100-Yard--Won by Damon, Amherst; second, Brackett, Harvard; third, Spear, Amherst. Time--61s.

Score Amherst 42; Harvard 11.