Massachusetts Association to Start Tournament at Union Boat Club Next Week

The finals of the Harvard Racquets Club Squash Tournament between Malcolm Bradlee '22 and R. E. Smith '22 which were scheduled at Randolph courts at 4 o'clock yesterday, have been postponed till 4 this afternoon. As soon as this tournament is over, another one, open to all members of the University will start, and blue books for entries in it will be placed in the Randolph gymnasium this afternoon.

The Individual Championship Tournament of the Massachusetts Squash Racquet Association will be played at the Union Boat Club, beginning Saturday, January 29 and ending Saturdy, February 12. All members of the University are eligible for this tournament and may enter it by telephoning Haymarket 53896 before 6 P. M. tomorrow, and paying the tournament fee of one dollar.

The preliminary and first round matches may be played on any courts by mutual consent, but all other matches are to be played at the Union Boat Club where courts can be engaged by telephoning the court professional. The Club has offered the free use of its courts for practice for the six days beginning Sunday, January 23, but both players must be on the premises before courts can be engaged. This rule, however does not apply to tournament matches.