M. A. C. tomorrow and Worcester Polytechnic Institute on Saturday are the teams which the University basketball team will meet this week. Both games are expected to be hard fought and close, especially the latter, since the Worcester team has already taken the University's measure, 43-21. But Coach Wachter and his men, after three well earned victories in a row, are confident that they can keep up the winning streak. Just as the Tufts and Amherst games showed the Crimson offensive play had improved remarkably over the former games, the Williams game showed the defense to be able to hold up its end. The team is now well-balanced, fast, and energetically able.

R. W. Fitts '23, playing steadily at forward, has been the strongest factor in the later games. Fast and experienced, he is the center in all forward play, and is no mean power in breaking up the opposing offensive thrusts. He and his running mate, J. E. Pallo '23, have been the heavy scorers. Pallo, until after the first two games was on the third team, but his playing in the Middlebury game earned him a regular position. Since then he has steadily improved. In spite of his light weight, he can keep up an attack and shoot from under the basket or from fifteen feet with the accuracy of the best.

H. B. Tyson '23, although showing less improvement, is valuable for his size and accuracy. Miller is a reliable substitute for him.

Captain J. R. Tolbert '22 has developed considerably since the first game. He combines his weight and speed in always putting up a powerful defensive game. With Feiring '23, the defense is efficient in breaking up plays and also in passing and starting an attack.

Practice yesterday afternoon was held for the second team only. This afternoon the workout will be more or less light, chiefly for developing accuracy.