Plan Trip for Team Either to South or West During Spring Vacation

The Debating Council recently held a meeting at which they adopted a constitution by ratification. At this same meeting plans for a trip for the team during the spring vacation were discussed. The team has received several invitations from both Southern and Western colleges and it has not yet been definitely decided whether the trip will be to the South or to the West. Three men, an alternative and a manager, will go on this trip, but who these will be will not be known until the results of the try outs during the last week of February.

The subject used during this trip will be the same as that of the Harvard, Yale, and Princeton triangular debate, which will take place on March 18th. The subject will be announced on February 21st.

The Harvard, Yale, and Princeton freshman triangular debate will take place on April 18th, and the subject for it will be announced on March 19th.