Professor W. E. Hocking '01 Will Speak on "The Mission of a College Liberal Club"--Mr. Lincoln Stephens to Address Club Next Week

Professor W. E. Hocking '01 will speak this evening at the Student Liberal Club housewarming which is to be held at the Club House, 66 Winthrop Street. The meeting will begin at 6.30 o'clock and the subject of Professor Hocking's talk will be "The Mission of a College Liberal Club". John Rothchilds '21 and H. B. Davis '21, both former presidents of the club will also talk. They will discuss one of the most important features of this year's program of the Liberal Club--namely the instituting of the English system of debating as practised at Oxford and Cambridge. This system, sketched by Lord Bryce in his address at the Union recently, consists of informal debates among the members of the Universities, training them for political life. The first debate under the English system will be held October 18, and the subject will be "Disarmament". It probably will be held in the Living Room of the Union, and will be open to all members of the University.

Some time next week Mr. Lincoln Stephens, who recently returned from Russia, will speak to members of the club on "Revolution, the Result of Natural Laws". Mr. Stephens has been in observer of the German, Russian and sever Maxican revolutions. The exact date of this talk will be announced soon.