To Continue Study Groups--Committee Will Supply Missionary Positions to Those Interested

The Harvard Mission's plans for the coming year have been announced by W. E. Stearns '23, chairman of the committee. Several meetings will be held at which well-known authorities who have finally participated in missionary work will speak. Plans are also being made to continue mission study groups, such as were held last year by Professor J. T. Addison '09, of the Episcopal School.

The committee will cooperate this year with various Boston missions and agencies, in order to supply positions for Graduates and Seniors at the University, who would like to engage in foreign work, in order to procure men to fill missionary positions that are now open. As a step in carrying out this purpose, a committee has been appointed, which is composed of W. E. Streans '23, chairman; McK. Henry, secretary; C. W. Phelps, R. B. Smith '22, G. T. Barker '23, J. Logan '23, A. L. Moffat '23, J. S. Littell and R. T. Loring '24.