Fair Play in the Stadium


Harvard's football team tomorrow will entertain a Southern eleven which outranked Center College's 1920 "Praying Colonels". The University of Georgia squad arrived from Athens this morning with not blare of trumpets. Our visitors take full cognizance of Harvard's gridiron prestige and power and as Professor S. V. Sanford, chairman of Georgia's faculty committee on athletics remarked today:

"The oldest State university, dating back to 1785, is eager to make a favorable impression in the Stadium. Harvard is the most attractive of the Eastern colleges among Georgia men and the scholarship of our men in Harvard Law School has enhanced this attractiveness."

Soubriquets are quite the vogue in the South among the college eleven's. Our week-end visitors have been termed "Georgia's Bulldogs". They have come to fight to the finish with "bulldog" tenacity. We should greet these modes visitors with enthusiasm, but let no one overstep the bounds. The unpleasant spectacle of a Stadium throng ridiculing the efforts of Harvard team which marred efforts of Harvard team which marred last years centers college game will livelong unpleasantly in memory of unbiased witnesses. True, Harvard's powerful eleven was crushing a team that had been placed one pedestal. The Kentuckians been blazoned forth as super-men. But Harvard won by clean tactics and deserved fair treatment.

When Georgia's sturdy sons go on the Stadium sward tomorrow, our local gridiron enthusiasts should bear in mind that our visitors will carry away a poor impression if we fall to do justice to the victor, regardless of whom that may be. Fortunately, a display of last year's unfair tactless was noticeable by its absence won Indiana University's eleven appeared last week. Let us have no recurrence on any-tomorrow. Boston Evening Transcript.