Prof. Coolidge on Mission to Russia

Professor Archibald C. Coolidge '87, Director of the University Library, is in Russia with the American Relief Administration, where he will assist Col. Haskell, who is in charge of the Relief Administration's Russian relief work. He sailed on September 3, for England, expecting to proceed to Moscow by the way of London.

Exactly what Professor Coolidge's duties will be and just how long he will be in Russia are not known. He was selected by the Relief Administration on account of his general knowledge of European affairs, his experience at the Paris Peace Conference, and the fact that he has been in Russia and speaks Russian. In the winter of 1890-91 he was acting secretary of the American Legation at St. Petersburg, and he visited Russia in 1918 as special agent of the State Department. He has been granted leave of absence from his University work until September, 1922, by the Corporation.