Awards of $150, $100, and $50 Offered by Institute of International Education--Competition, Open to Any Undergraduate, Will Close January 1

The Institute of International Education has offered three prizes, of $150, $100, and $50, for essays on the general subject of "The Far East--The Key to the Armament Problem". An essay may be on any of the following three specific subjects:

1. "The Open Door Policy in China considered historically and in relation to its conflict with the practice of spheres of interest in China".

2. "How may Japan provide for its increasing population without violating the rights of other states?"

3. "The relation of East and West with reference to the colonies and settlements of western nations in the Orient and their influence on the development of oriental peoples."

The judges in the contest will be: George H. Blakeslee '00 professor of history and international relations, Clark University; James Q. Dealey, professor of political science, Brown University; Mr. Stephen P. Duggan, director of the Institute of International Education; Henry Herbert Gowen, professor of Oriental Languages, University of Washington; Amos S. Hershey '92, professor of political science, Indiana University; Kenneth S. Latourette, professor of missions, Yale University.

The contest, which is open to any undergraduate student in any college or university in the United States, will end on January 1, 1922.

Further information may be obtained from the secretary of International Relations Clubs, Institution of International Education, 407 West 117th street, New York City.