Following the plan used so successfully last year, this Friday evening in Hemenway Gymnasium Coach Wachter will stage a demonstration game to point out the changes which have been made in the basketball rules since last year, and to show the fouls which are most likely to mar the game.

For this game, the Joint Rules Committee which lays down the official regulations governing basketball, has sent their New England representative, Mr. Oswold Towers, to be present at the contest and to render an official verdict upon any disputed point which may arise, as well as to answer any questions upon the regulations in general. Coach Wachter will demonstrate the innovations in the rules, while the game will be refereed by Mr. D. J. Kelly of the Department of Physical Education, who will explain in detail his decision in every case.

Two Important Changes in Rules

The two most important changes in the regulations are in regard to dribbling the ball and to substitutions. Last year, a man after receiving the ball had to start dribbling immediately, before taking a step. Under the new ruling a player may take one step in any direction before starting to dribble. If a player is sent into the game as a substitute, he now must report to both the scorer and the referee and be recognized by both before entering the contest. Under the new regulations 30 seconds is allowed for a substitution and one minute for an injury.

Yesterday afternoon J. M. Hartley '23, a last year's substitute forward, reported to Coach Wachter for the first time this fall. No others of last year's squad who have been playing football have so far reported, but several are expected at today's workout. Owing to the fact that there was no light at Hemenway yesterday due to the storm, Coach Wachter was unable to play the first practice game that he had scheduled. This afternoon, however, a practice contest will be played and such games will be a feature of the workouts from now on.