George Miller Appleton of Buffalo, N. Y., and Myles Pierce Baker of Cambridge Nominated for Secretary

In accordance with the constitution of the Senior class, the Nominating Committee yesterday afternoon announced 26 nominees for the second Senior election to be held next Tuesday, December 20. Additional names may be added to this list by petitions signed by 25 members of the class and handed in at the Crimson Building not later than 6 o'clock tomorrow evening.

The complete list of names is as follows:


George Miller Appleton of Buffalo, N. Y. Myles Pierce Baker of Cambridge.

Class Committee

(Two to be elected)

Samuel Augustus Duncan of Englewood, N. J.

Charles Clark Macomber of Newtonville.

John Morrison Martin of Cambridge.

Haven Parker of South Lancaster.

Photographic Committee

(Three to be elected)

Harold Cabot of Concord

Richard Ammi Cutter of Salem.

Jiles Berry Fleming of Augusa, Ga.

Joseph James Kennedy of New Bedford.

Robb Hansell Sagendorph of Chestnut Hill.

Arthur Dorman Welton Jr. of Chicago, III.

Class Day Committee

(Seven to be elected)

Melville Pratt Baker of Wellesely Hills.

Huntington Brown of Utics, N. Y.

Richard Thayer Butterfield of Chestnut Hill.

Henry Francis Colt of Geneva, N. Y.

John Crocker of Fitchburg.

Mitchell Gratwick of New York City.

Frederick Howard Hovey Jr. of Montclair, N. J.

Henry Covington Janin of San Francisco, Cal.

David McKendree Key of Chattanoogs, Tenn.

Louis Bancel La Farge of Mount Carmel Conn.

Edwin Clapp Lincoln of East Weymouth.

Louis Butler McCagg Jr. of New York City.

Alexander Tison Jr. of New York City.

Richard Skinner Whitney Jr. of Dedham.