Will be in Massachusetts Hall Between 9 and 12 o'Clock-List Includes Many Whose Names Were Published Monday

A large number of books which have been left in various buildings in the University have been collected and are now in the office of the College Janitor. The following men by applying at the office in Lower Massachusetts Hall any week-day between 9 and 12 o'clock may recover their property:

G. W. Adams '23, G. F. Barnes '23, C. C. Buell '23, W. E. Collins '24, John de Courey '24, Samuel Hammond Jr. '28, M. H. Harris '25, B. A. Hunneman '22, H. C. Janin '22, Percy Jenkins '24, J. Y. Jeanes Jr. '24, A. H. King '24, M. H. Kramer '23, K. C. McCoy '23, R. P. C. Montague '23, F. DeW. Pingree '24, H. N. Pratt '24, J. L. Shulman '22, P. S. Sprague '24, G. G. Walker '24.

Books may also be recoved by the following men, whose names have been published before, but who have not yet called for their property:

Samuel Albert 4M., E. W. Cady '25, Thomas Coolidge '23, R. M. Eaton, Instructor, D. P. Ferguson '22, C. T. Field ocC., J. S. Giles '23, John Griffin '22, F. S. Hill '22, R. S. Hillyer, Assistant, H. T. Holland '25, C. L. Johnson '22, H. A. La Fargo '24, G. B. Lourie '23, R. K. McKaye '23, A. F. McKnight 2G.B., J. L. Middleton '24, G. S. Mumford Jr. '25, Chauncey Parker '25, A. O. Porter, Assistant, P. L. Romaine '23, J. C. Rose '23, George Rountree '25, A. F. Royce '24, H. J. Wober '24, Honry Wheeler Jr. '24, E. F. Wright '25.