Lampoon Elects 13 New Members

As the result of a recent election held by the Lampoon, 13 new members were added to the board. From the writing and drawing competition, the men who have been elected are Richard Dodge Gerould '24 of Cambridge, Francis van Wyck Mason '24 of Winnetka, Ill., Walter Thomas Prendergast '22 of Marion, Ohio, Benjamin Manson Rice '24 of Dover, and Francis Wenderoth Saunders '24 of Boston. From the business competition, the men elected are George Moss Kendall '24 of Bridgewater, John McKinstry Kimball '24 of Portland, Maine, Edwin Katte Merrill '24 of Bedford Hill, N. Y., Frank Manning Seamans Jr. '24 of Weston, James Bentley Squier 3d '24 of New York City, Theodore Lyman Turney Jr. '24 of Yonkers, N. Y., Edward de Witt Walsh '23 of New York City, and Henry Wheeler Jr. '24 of Boston.