Subject of Talk Is "Spirit"--States It Consists of Generosity, Loyalty, Determination and Subordination

Coach W. J. Bingham '16, speaking to the Freshman class in Smith Halls Common Room last night, characterized "Spirit" as consisting of four qualities: generosity, loyalty, determination and subordination. Drawing his illustrations mostly from the athletic field, because, as he said, he had been more familiar with that phase of college life during the past year, he illustrated these four constituents of "Spirit". Above all things he urged the necessity of getting out and doing something during the years at College, of having some interests, of being loyal to some cause.

"It does not make any difference if you row on the last of the dormitory crews, or if you go out for football or basketball or baseball and don't make the team", he said, "that is not vitally important, but it is vitally important that you have the spirit to go out for something and to stay with it."