To Begin on December 23 and End on Jan. 2--Students in Good Standing May Be Allowed to Leave Early in Special Cases--Registration Required

In order to inform the students of the University of the various regulations in regard to the Christmas Recess, the Dean's Office has issued the following announcement:

"The Christmas Recess for students registered in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, in the College, and in the Engineering School, for the current academic year, will begin on Friday, December 23, 1921, and end on Monday, January 2, 1922.

"All undergraduates in Harvard College are required to register at University 19, North Entry, second floor, after attending their last College exercises and before 5 P. M. on Thursday, December 22, 1921; and again on Tuesday, January 3, 1922, between the hours of 9 A. M. and 1.30 P. M. All undergraduates in the Engineering School are required to register on the same days and hours at 223 Pierce Hall.

"All courses under the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering will meet as usual on Tuesday, January 3, and all undergraduates are required to attend their first College exercises on that day. Failure to attend classes immediately before or after vacations will not be excused, and unexcused absences at such times are subjects for disciplinary action by the Administrative Board.

"Students in good standing, living at a considerable distance may be granted an extension of time at the beginning of the Recess in order to enable them to reach home by noon of the first day of the vacation, but no extension will be given at the end of the Recess.

"Students in Harvard College must apply in writing for this privilege to the Assistant Dean in charge of their class, and students in the Engineering School to Dean Hughes.

"Students who are on the Dean's list are reminded that, although they may leave early at the beginning of the Recess, they must return for their first classes on January 3, 1921.

"Every student in Harvard College and in the Engineering School who at the beginning or the end of the Christmas Recess fails to register at the time set for that purpose, may be required to pay to the Bursar a fee of $5 before being permitted to register. Payment of this fee does not preclude action by the Administrative Board in the cases of students who register late."