Four Successful in Recent Elections--506 Candidates Considered in Making 32 Appointments--Students to Enter Oxford University Next October

Four University men were granted Rhodes scholarships as a result of the elections which were held in 32 states recently and the results of which have just been made public by President F. A. Aydelotte of Swarthmore College, American secretary to the Rhodes trust. The following are the University students who were successful: George Malcolm Fooshee L.'21 of Dayton, Tenn., William Joseph Maier Jr. '23 of Huntington, W. Va., Daniel Heckest Sander '22 of South Bend, Ind., and Royal Henderson Snow '20 of Chicago, Ill. The election was one of the most keenly contested since the scholarships were established, there being a total of 506 candidates for the 32 appointments.

The successful men will enter Oxford University next October on a three year scholarship with a stipend of $1700 a year. The choice was made by committees composed, except for the chairman, of former Rhodes scholars. Candidates were not required to take a written examination but were selected on the basis of their record in school and college, supplemented by a careful system of references and personal interviews.