Rifle Team Defeats U. of Maine

The University rifle team won a victory over the University of Maine Saturday, by a score of 479 to 466 out of a possible 500. E. G. Lund '23 was the high scorer for the University, failing by one point only to hand in a perfect card. Individual scores for the University, of whom only the first five placed in the score of the match, were as follows:

E. G. Lund '23, 99; Stephen Wheatland 21, 97; H. H. Fuller '23, 95; S. K. Bolton '21, 94; A. L. Jacobs '22, 94; W. B. Darling '22, 94; G. G. Monks '21, 94; H. C. Stetson '23, 92; Arthur Potch '21, 90; C. J. Young '21, 86.