The meeting of all candidates for the University baseball team will be held at 7 o'clock this evening at the Varsity Club, instead of at 7.30 as originally planned, so that all men present will also be able to attend the hockey game this evening. Captain Emmons, Coach Slattery, and Dr. E. H. Nichols '86, of the Baseball Advisory Committee, will address the men, explaining the plans for the season, which will start tomorrow afternoon in the cage for all battery candidates. Fielding candidates will be called out about the first of March, and all Freshman baseball material will be summoned at a meeting to be held early next week.

Any men in the three upper classes of the University who have had any pitching or catching experience are especially urged to report this evening, as seasoned candidates for these positions are particularly scarce.

Candidates for 1924 baseball manager will report this afternoon at 1.05 at the H. A. A.; no previous experience is required of men competing for the five positions to be decided in an eight weeks' competition.

The present prospects for this spring's team are doubtful, the drawback being the lack of seasoned pitchers, E. F. Goode '22 being the only veteran on hand. If Coach Slattery is able to develop someone to take the place of W. B. Felton '20, the Crimson will have a well balanced team. Possible men for the pitching berth are H. S. Russell '22, E. L. Bigelow '21, who was tried at this position year before last, and George Owen, the star of the 1923 team.