MacNeil Brothers Show Great Ability For Technology; Score Is 8-2

Massachusetts Institute of Technology lost out to the University hockey seven last night on the Arena ice by an 8-2 score. The game, though marked by occasional moments of brilliant play on the part of Tech, was indifferently played throughout.

The work of the skaters from down the Charles was featured by the excellent work of the MacNeil brothers, Dan and Neil, who starred in the forward line and defense, respectively. The pair of former St. Francis Xavier stickmen from Cnaada put up a consistent fight against the Crimson, though playing a losing contest. William Cauldwell, recalled after several weeks of inaction due to a weakened knee, did some sterling defense work, and Captain Duvernet proved troublesome on occasions, but the University was at no time hard pressed.

Owen Plays Brilliantly

For the Crimson, George Owen seemed the surest in handling his stick and the speediest in breaking up any semblance of a Tech offensive drive. The forward line, shifted from time to time to allow the substitution of almost every player available to Coach Claflin, performed with accuracy and fair speed, though lacking snap.

Snelling, taking a pass back from Bigelow on the boards, whipped the first tally past Nickles, M. I. T. goal-guard a few moments after the whistle. Buntin, taking his place, waltzed through the Tech seven single-handed to plant the rubber a second time in the net.

The only scoring for the Engineers was done by Dan MacNeil, who reached one into the Harvard cage towards the close of the first period and at the opening of the second. Holmes, after his foot had been hurt in a scuffle before the net, yielded place to Carl Stillman.

The University quickly regained the offensive, Buntin and Baker scoring in quick succession. In the final session Snelling and Angier both registered, and Owen drove a brace of tallies home. One came when the Newton player slashed.