To Hold N. E. A. A. U. Championships in Conjunction With Meet--Schedule Two Freshman Races

Preliminary trials for the triangular meet with Dartmouth and Cornell were held yesterday, and further trials will be held today and tomorrow, the final days of practice before the meet. Although a long list of entries has been made, including seventy-four runners and fifteen Freshmen, the men who will actually run will not be picked until the end of the week.

There are eleven events for the University runners, including the pole-vault and broad-jump, which will be held in the baseball cage before the meet. In addition to these there are also two races for the Freshmen, a relay race and a 40-yard dash.

The N. E. A. A. U. championships will be held in conjunction with the triangular meet.

The University, Dartmouth, and Cornell entries in the meet have been announced. The University entries are:

40-Yard Dash.--Chapin, Evans, Gourdin, Howard and Wansker.

45-Yard High Hurdles.--Fitts, Hauers, Nicoll, Whitney.

300-Yard Run.--Chapin, Chute, Evans, Gourdin, Howard, Jourdain and Wansker.

600-Yard Run.--McCarthy, Johnson, Quinn and Wharton.

1000-Yard Run.--Bemis, Wharton, Bennett, Cairns, Davis, Doherty, Douglass, Gordon, McCarthy, Captain O'Connell and Quinn.

Mile. -- Captain O'Connell, Coolidge, Crosby, Dexter, Mahon, Nally, Reycroft and Shepley.

Running High Jump.--Davis, Fitts, Goodell and Murray.

Running Broad Jump.--Chapin, Evans, Goodell, Jourdain, Gourdin, Sheppard and Wansker.

Pole Vault.--Browne, Davis, Gratwick, Harwood, Reidy and Wales.

University Relay. -- Bemis, Chapin, Wharton, Chute, Doherty, Gourdin, Howard, McCarthy, Captain O'oCnnell, Quinn and Wansker.

Freshman Relay.--Bent, Campbell, Davis, Galvin, Jenkins, Merrill, Newhall, Norris, Van Rensselaer.

Freshman 40-Yard Dash.--Davis, Jenkins, Merrill, Norris, Sears and Van Rensselaer.

Shot-Put.--Brown, Lockwood, Tierney, Tolbert, Cogan, Saxton and Miller.