Two Features at the Park Theatre

Pauline Frederick plays the leading role in "The Mistress of Shenstone",--a picture full of surprises--at the Park Theatre. It is a story of the accidental death of her husband in the war, and the complications which result when, in seeking rest and change incognito at an inn in Cornwall, she falls in love with the man whose mistake killed her husband. The introduction of more confusing circumstances tangle events into an apparently hopeless situation, from which she is released with more than usual verisimilitude.

Gladys Walton plays a double role in "Rich Girl, Poor Girl" with great success. The "Millionaire Kid" trades places for one afternoon with the favorite of "Fish Alley" with adventurous results, due to at attempted kidnapping. A Universal Weekly, and a Sunshine Comedy, featuring a troupe of trained lions, complete the bill.