Cercle Francais Holds Meeting

The Cercle Francais will hold its first meeting of the second semester in Grays 17, the present quarters of the club, at 7 o'clock tonight. Approximately twenty-five new members will be elected and plans for the second half year will be discussed. From now on meetings will be held biweekly at which various professors in the University will read from the French and matters of interest to people interested in France will be discussed. Chief among the plans of the officers for the next week is a dinner to be given in honor of Professor Henri Guy, Dean of the Faculty of Letters at the University of Toulouse and Exchange Professor at the University.

The Cercle will give no more plays this year, nor will it give any more productions of this year's play "Fanny Lear"; the decision to give a winter production of "Primerose" last year was a deviation from the usual policy of the society.