What Is Going On Today

4.00. CRIMSON Editorial Completion Last change for Juniors to enter Competition at conference with Professor W. B. Munro '99, in Quiet Room of the Union.

4.30. Shinier in Sanitary Engineering: Mr. E. R. Clarkson on "The mosquito and Malaria Problem in Arkansas Pierce 112.

4.55. Zoological Club Mr. J. F. Fulton Jr. and Mr. W. R. Chute in Ecologically laboratory, Room 46.

7.00. Dinner given in honor of l4 Col. Theedore Reeseveli '09, by the Governing Board of the Union in the Trophy Room.

7.80. Christian Association: Annual meeting for collection, etc., in Farlor of Phillips Brooks House.

7.80. Aero Society Meeting at 6 Rolyoke yoke place.

8.00. Lt. Cel Rooselveli '09 lecture on "Participation in Puolie Life" at the Union.

8.00. Graduate Schools Society. Dance Agassis House.