Dartmouth Closes Application Lists

Dartmouth College has been forced to announce the closing of its list of applications for admission in the fall of 1921. President Ernest M. Hopkins states that already more than 1200 men have made formal application for rooms next fall, a number over twice the capacity of the freshman class. Included in the applications already received are over 100 from Boston and New York, 50 from Chicago, and 12 from Texas. Dartmouth gives no preference to any special section but first consideration is always given to sone of Dartmouth Alumni.

Only about 500 freshmen can be accommodated in the college dormitories supplemented by all the available outside buildings. For this reason the class of 1925 at Dartmouth will be limited to 550 men. This is a hundred less than the present freshman class, and far under the high mark of 710 set by the class of 1923.

A loophole by which exceptionately brilliant students may enter has been left by the Dartmouth Entrance Requirements Committee.